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Our second semester of Summer Grow Classes started Tuesday, July 9th, but it’s not too late for you to join a class! For this 7 week semester we are offering 3 different classes to choose from.

Ephesians: Practical Insight for Everyday Living- Marshall Townsley

Some of the greatest truths a Christian can ever discover are found in this letter. Each one is life transforming and practical. For all ages, come ready to be inspired and changed!

Finding Sanity: Fighting Back Against a Culture That Makes Us Crazy- Jordan Eiffert

“If you win the rat race, you’re still a rat.” -Lily Tomlin According to a recent poll, two thirds of Americans identify as being "extremely or somewhat anxious for prolonged periods of time” Bombarded by all that competes for our time, attention, and energy, even Christ followers find themselves overwhelmed by life. There is hope! Jesus offers another way. Come discover the rhythm that God has built into life itself, a place of wholeness and peace no matter the season of life.

They Smell Like Sheep: What the World’s Best Leaders Do Differently- David Goldman

For most of us, the word “shepherd” makes us think of a wimpy guy with a stick. In reality, it describes a form of leadership that’s fiercely protective, a tad risky, and kinda smelly. For 7 weeks, we’ll learn from great leaders not just how to lead but how to escape mediocrity and take responsibility for your own life.