Our Ministries

Outlet Bible Study


The time of life that spans a person’s early adulthood and building one’s own career, families, etc. can be challenging. Big decisions are at every turn and we believe that community and time together is a huge benefit for this group of men and women. While there is no age restriction on our attendees, Outlet is a ministry that is geared toward the twenty-something, the young family, and the modern demographic.


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Services are every Sunday night at 5pm. They feature low-key, intimate worship and a fantastic, challenging message by Pastor David Eiffert. The culture of this ministry is one where everyone strives to look more like Jesus Christ and be better at receiving His love everywhere: from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, through the challenging seasons of questions, all the way down to the deep valleys of our mistakes.

Coffee and great conversation is also included, so come spend some time here soon!


Kovenant World-Children


Kids are awesome and we love them! We have designed Kovenant World Children’s Ministry especially for kids so they can learn the Word of God, build the foundation for their Christian walk, and have fun and be children in the process.

We have a state-of-the-art kids’ auditorium called Promise Park, a very cool playground, and lots of kid-oriented people who can’t wait to help your child grow in Christ. We are excited to partner with parents in the spiritual care and development of their children.


Please take your children ages 3-5 (and potty trained) directly to their classrooms on both Sundays and Tuesdays after you have checked them in as described below. They’ll have Bible stories, videos, crafts, puppets, outdoor activities, and snacks. Each classroom has its own restroom facility.

Preschool children must be checked in and picked up by an adult.


Please check in your elementary age children, and they can go directly to their designated areas. They’ll learn the Word through Bible stories, videos, object lessons, games, crafts, and much more.


Check in your preschool and elementary age children at the Check-In Station located at the entrance to Kovenant World. Use your key tag to scan in each child in attendance. You will receive a name tag for each child and two receipts for the parents. Place your child’s name tag visibly on their clothing, and place the parent receipt visibly on your clothing. Take each child to their assigned classroom or designated area. To pick up your child, present your receipt to the teacher.


If you are our guest, or need a key tag, please go to the Guest Check-In Station and a volunteer will help you.

Kovenant World is a great place for Kids!



We love babies and toddlers! All kinds, from newborns to age three! We hope you will allow us to care for your child while you hear the Word in our weekly services.

We have six rooms especially equipped for children’s needs and abilities as they grow. Our nurseries are safe, secure, and sanitized and our volunteers are loving and attentive.

We want to partner with you, the parent, to lay a strong spiritual foundation. Little children are so full of love and wonder and it is a joy to help them discover that God loves them and wants good things for them. We use a curriculum specially designed for nursery age children so they can participate and enjoy learning.

If you find your child needs extra time to adjust, we understand and we are happy to work with you so your child can feel comfortable and you can enjoy the service.


Check your child in at the Check-In Station located at the entrance to Kovenant World. Use your key tag to scan in each child in attendance. You will receive a name tag for each child and two receipts for the parents. Place your child’s name tag visibly on their clothing, and place the parent receipt visibly on your clothing. Take each child to their assigned classroom. To pick up your child, present your receipt to the teacher. Bring a well-stocked diaper bag with your child.

If your child needs you during the service, we will display the code that appears on your child’s tag and yours, followed by “–N” on the video monitors in the church auditorium. Please slip out of service to attend to your child and then return to service.


Please pick up your child immediately after service. Children will only be released to the parent/guardian with the corresponding parent receipt.

Nursing moms

We have a private room just for nursing moms behind the Welcome Center near the entrance to the sanctuary. We encourage you to use this room and then return your child to the nursery so you can rejoin the service.


If you are our guest, or you need a key tag, please go to the Guest Check-in Station and a volunteer will help you.



YX is the youth ministry at Believers Center led by Pastor Bradley Cawthon. 

Students have God’s call on their lives individually and as a group. At YX our students are flourishing in a relaxed environment while they discover God’s call on their generation and His special plan for their unique lives.

They’re thriving in the care of leadership who recognize and draw out the cool stuff God has placed in them. YX leaders pray with the students and for them, and encourage them to aim for God’s highest standards and their own personal best.


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Mid-school, high school, and early college age students all come together – united to worship God and live their lives for Him.

Tuesdays at 6:45 pm in the YX auditorium

Mid-School also on Sundays at 10am (after Praise and Worship)

STORM Student Conference

Each year YX hosts STORM – a summertime student conference for young people in and around New Mexico. Guest speakers include our own pastors and staff as well as world-renowned speakers in great demand in this nation and beyond. From awesome worship, teaching, and break-out sessions to team building, games and fellowship, this is a great student conference!

Connect Groups


You know, when you think about how much God did just so He could have relationship with others, it becomes clear that appropriate and meaningful connections are high on His list.

We also greatly value the relationships – the connections – people make with each other and with the church.  When God’s people are strong and connected, the church is strong and God’s Kingdom is advancing.  And advancing God’s Kingdom is the ultimate goal of everything we do.

Won’t you join us for Connect Group fellowship?  We have a variety of groups to choose from, and as you connect, you will have a great time, and the church will be strengthened.

Keep connecting,
Pastors Marshall and Cindi

Community Groups

We invite you to make meaningful connections with other believers in your neighborhood through BCA Community Groups. If there is not a group in your zip code, we invite you to visit one nearby. They get together every month for fellowship, friendship, special activities or bible studies.  For more information pick up a Connect Directory at Guest Services.


Love ABQ


LoveAbq is Believers Centers outreach to Albuquerque. Our goal is to love, serve, and feed the people of our city. We host mobile events, food drives and offer a bag of groceries to anyone who needs them. 

We love the people of Albuquerque and we know you do too! Far too many of our people live hungry. While we know we can’t feed every one of them, we believe Love Abq is making a difference. The more support we receive from you, the more we can do for our city.

100% of your donation goes towards food for the hungry, as all administration costs, volunteer service, and event preparation are covered by Believers Center.

Love Abq Mobile

Every other month our LoveAbq van goes out to neighborhoods in need and hands out bags of food and offers prayer to anyone who needs it! Sign up to help in the Get Involved tab!

Premarital Classes


Premarital classes can reduce your risk for divorce by 30% In our Prepare/ Enrich classes we will help you see an unbiased, clearer picture, and help you build confidence in your decision to move towards the next steps in your relationship.