You know, when you think about how much God did just so He could have relationship with others, it becomes clear that appropriate and meaningful connections are high on His list.

We also greatly value the relationships – the connections – people make with each other and with the church.  When God’s people are strong and connected, the church is strong and God’s Kingdom is advancing.  And advancing God’s Kingdom is the ultimate goal of everything we do.

Won’t you join us for Connect Group fellowship?  We have a variety of groups to choose from, and as you connect, you will have a great time, and the church will be strengthened.

Keep connecting,
Pastors Marshall and Cindi


We invite you to make meaningful connections with other believers in your neighborhood through BCA Community Groups. If there is not a group in your zip code, we invite you to visit one nearby. They get together every month for fellowship, friendship, special activities or bible studies. Please contact Pastor Phil for more info on the next get-together near you.

For more information or to join a group, call the church office at (505) 292-5082.